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wordpress hosting – phil 12/06/2013

do you have a wordpress blog or website and your hosting charges are on the up? why not move your hosting to a more affordable provider? here at didyoumissme? we believe that hosting charges shouldn’t in anyway outweigh the benefits of keeping a site, and what clients are looking for is cheap, reliable hosting with secure access when they need it.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of the didyoumissme? team, you can contact them on the phone numbers in the top right of the website or leave a message on our contact us page and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

website errors – phil 22/03/2013

do you run a website that is always giving you errors? or you quite don’t understand how to get that picture to line up with the text on the left hand side? why not give us a shout? didyoumissme? has been managing and developing websites for over 6 years now and have come across a plethora of problems, bugs and niggles with websites – if you have a problem with a website or cms (content management system), we have probably seen it before and fixed it!

if you have an existing site that you would like us to have a look at, please drop us a email via our contact page or email us direct on and just for your piece of mind, all work will be quoted for before we start.

twitter app – phil 26/02/2013

As reader will know, Jon and myself are fully paid up supporters of the iphone – not to say didyoumissme? is mac exclusive, but for mobile phones we think apple has the best package for us.

Over our time since the initial iphone, lots of different twitter applications have come and gone. But since the launch of the official twitter app we havent looked back. And for good reason, both jon and myself have the app installed and use it to update both the @didyoumissme account and our personal accounts @philiphoy and @jon_dymm

If you use an alternative or need help setting up or managing a business twitter please get in touch via our contact us page.

vnc viewer – phil 16/01/2013

for the start of 2013 i have a new ois app that i have been using, the vnc viewer from realvnc limited. this is an application that i’ve used over december whilst on holiday in the states to check on things back at home. this little application lets you connects your ios device to your home computer from anywhere in the world, displaying your desktop, run applications, change settings, and generally keep an eye on whats going on. even if its just for piece of mind, its always nice to be albe to login and see that everything functioning as it should. after using a few free remote access apps previously, i would highly recommend paying the £6.99 for this application. it offers a slick interface and does everything you would expect.

do you currently use a remote access app on your ios device or have you also been using vnc viewer as well? please me know by clicking on the blog post name and adding a comment or hit me up on the twitter @didyoumissme twitter or pop us over an email on

google drive – phil 29/10/2012

good after noon readers, i just wanted to drop a quick blog post about an ios app that i find myself using more and more. googles google drive application. its a brilliant little app that lets you store, edit and share your documents up on the cloud – and best of all its free! you only need a google account and your away. google gives you 5bg to store all your files and via the app they are available on your iphone. i use it most when i’ve been traveling from meeting to meeting in the car, to read over some written work i’ve been working on or to view one of jons latest designs and so far i havent been restricted by file type or size.

if you use the google drive app or you are using a [better] alternative, please let me know by clicking on the blog post name and adding a comment. remember you can always reach me if you have a quick question about this topic on the @didyoumissme twitter or just drop me and email

wordpress app – phil 25/09/2012

as regular readers will know here at didyoumissme? we love all things wordpress. our portfolio is built on wordpress, we develop clients sites using wordpress, i personally blog on two different wordpress setups – my video game blog and the fightnight blog we just cant get enough! and being iphone / ipad users yes you’ve guessed it we use the wordpress app to make updates on the go to our blogs. this application lets you do almost everything you would want to do from making and reviewing comments, adding posts and pictures to updating content pages on your site. if run a wordpress blog or site and you havent downloaded this yet, get on it!

remember you can comment back directly on this blog post, just click the title and leave us your views / experiences / questions relating to our topics – we always reply.

web design newport – phil 21/08/2012

didyoumissme? has been operating as a web design company in and around the newport area for a number of years now. we have made a lot of friends along the way, from competitors to clients we have looked to you for both inspiration and opportunities. we’ve found, by working with other companies locally within the city of newport we can offer a better overall service to our clients as we are able to keep that face to face contact that didyoumissme? is known for. over the upcoming blog posts jon and myself will highlight individuals and businesses that we are working with and have had the pleasure of worked along side, in the hope that you the reader will consider using them.

if you are a business that could offer a complementary service to the ones we already provide, not only within web design – we would love you to get in contact and maybe we can work together in the future. (i’ll also add a selection of people that get in contact to the end of this post) just send us a tweet or fill out your details on our contact page and we’ll set something up.

photography newport

rock salt – wedding, corporate and event photography based in newport

google plus – phil 17/08/2012

to add to our social bar ( located top right, if you’ve missed it ) we welcome google plus! so you can now add our blog to your rss feed, comment on the blog itself, tweet to us on twitter, like us on facebook and follow us on google plus – didyoumissme? is now social. over the upcoming months we’ll be doing our best to update each account with information both about the company and things that interest us on the world wide web, so please join in the conversation on your chosen social network.

facebook name – phil 08/08/2012

this morning we just received confirmation that didyoumissme? has achieved the social network double! facebook has updated the didyoumissme page to give us the correct domain extension. so please head over to facebook and give us a “like” and in return we’ll keep you up to date with whats going on at didyoumissme? if you are interested in claiming your companies name in the world of social media, please drop us a quick email or fill out our contact form with your details and we’d more than happy to help.

twitter name – phil 26/07/2012

here at didyoumissme, we are glad to inform you that we have secured our official name on twitter! after the addition of our social media bar to the site ( top right, if you haven’t noticed it ) i set about contacting the social networks with the aim of standardising the social didyoumissme brand. first to reply was our friends at twitter, we have now moved from @dymm_tweet to @didyoumissme, not only will this look neater in urls and links but it will hoepfully make us easier to find.

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